BREAKING NEWS: Steve Bannon was a McLuhanite. Sorry … IS a McLuhanite.

Donald Trump was 23 when Marshall McLuhan told him what his future would be in Playboy magazine.

It may only be breaking news to this author, but to me, the knowledge that Steve Bannon was a McLuhanite, explains EVERYTHING about Donald Trump’s 2016 victory.

McLuhan’s Window Podcast

In fact, the rise and fall of Trump’s media prowess may well be echoed in the rise and fall of his closeness with Steve Bannon.

For years I have been telling everyone who claimed to be baffled by Trump’s still incredible 2016 victory, that it was all there in the words of Marshall McLuhan.

I’d been agog at the similarities between Trump’s antics and McLuhan’s vision since I began observing the similarites in the 2015 Republican Primaries.

Today, just today, a pal sent me an excerpt from PBS, where Steve Bannon talks McLuhan in relation to Trump’s mastery.

This is an exciting moment for me. It just confirms and validates so much. And it is the Eureka Moment that has spawned the first McLuhan’s Window Podcast.

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