McLuhan Discarnate: 3 Great McLuhan videos

It seems that rather than write boring articles about McLuhan’s genius, this site should just function as a window into McLuhan.

Here are 3 great clips of the great McLuhan. When you’ve got some time, fascinate yourself.

1: McLuhan in Australia

McLuhan Interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1977. This live town hall was broadcast all across Australia, to all its four coasts. The segments are a treasure that showcase McLuhan’s quick wit, his sense of humour, his erudition, his own expertise on the medium of television, and probably a lot more …

2: McLuhan vs Norman Mailer in a TV debate

McLuhan always talked about debates. He was an expert in the format of the televised debate. Here vs Norman Mailer, McLuhan shows exactly how to win a televised debate without necessarily debating any of the topics.

3: The Holocaust would not have happened if Hitler had been around in the TV era’

Here is one more fascinating McLuhan clip. Here he suggests that Hitler would not have gained control in Germany if his rise to power would have coincided with the TV, rather than the ‘radio era’. In this clip, McLuhan also outlines what he means by television charisma.

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