Are you brave enough to take the Marshall McLuhan ‘exPRAYERiment’?

Marshall McLuhan rarely spoke publicly about his personal experiences in faith. In this interview, however, McLUhan speaks poignantly about his intense involvement with God.

Via firm interview tactics Father Patrick Peyton presses McLuhan to talk about how McLuan came to his unshakeable faith. In doing so, McLuhan challenges any disbeliever in God to attempt a disciplined experiment in prayer.

McLuhan challenges all unbelievers, all believers in logic, invoke the epistemological traditions of science as a way of testing the reality or unreality of God.

” Show me. Is it true? Just show me.”

“I think it would make for a rather interesting scientific experiment fpr any non-believers as they are called to simply get down on their knees for a few hours every week and demand that they be shown the reality of this Unkown thing”

“And to me the evidence came unexpectedly and from many quarters and unmistakably.”

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