Democrats’ backroom fuckery shows continued ignorance of social media

You thought their conniving little minds would have picked up something during their botch-job of getting Hillary elected in 2016.

Nope. In these pre-Super Tuesday announcements that Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg would drop out of the Democratic Presidential race to endorse Joe Biden, the Democrats have shown they still don’t understand the way media effects its users in 2020.

They are still exhibiting what Marshall McLuhan might call tv-thinking. They are thinking in the era of television, which no longer carries much influences. They are using television strategies, which the more transparent social media can easily expose. Has exposed.

Trump has already predicted and exposed Biden’s scheme

More importantly social media users are wise to this game. And Trump, exhibiting the same thing that gave him a victory over Hillary in 2016 – namely, a superior media instinct – has already used the most powerful media to predict and expose the schemes at work in the Democratic Party.

Television media – who still likes to pretend it has enough power to influence elections – will no doubt cast this gambit as a big boost to Biden’s chances of winning the nomination. It may have the opposite effect.

Nothing mobilizes like social media. The Democratic Party’s establishment players, who, as in 2016 are all doing all they can to destroy Sander’s path to the Presidency, probably don’t realize that this little strategy where all the moderate candidates drop out and endorse Biden, probably will help Bernie Sanders out more than anything Bernie Sanders himself could have contrived.

Buttigieg and Klobuchar may have assured Sanders the nomination

Bernie Sanders who are versed in the ideas of Marshall McLuhan might be cheered by the tactics of the Democratic Party establishment to thwart his path to the presidency.

Above all Sanders is running a campaign of integrity. His policies are based on integrity. What the Democratic Party has just shown America is they still are privy to dirty backroom tactic that are probably the opposite of integrity. This kind of thing worked brilliantly in the era of television.

But recent history has shown that the last time a party used television tactics to thwart the nomination of a candidate who had the establishment schooled in the ways of social media, that candidate not only went on to win the party nomination. He went on to become president.

The year was 2016. The candidate was Donald J Trump.

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