What would McLuhan say about media pundits these days?

When is a media pundit not a media pundit?

The short answer might be: Now, in 2020, in the lead-up to the US Presidential election.

After Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary last night, I watched CNN’s Don Lemon lead a panel discussion on the future of the 2020 Democratic Party Presidential race.

It was a collection of sharp, youngish, chique, media pundits, all with a Democrat bent, all so visiblely fashionable, yet all so old-fashioned in their understanding of media in the age they are commenting upon. Old-fashioned in their media understanding, yet also completely oblivious of time-honoured media laws.

How about the First Law of Media: “The Medium is the Message.

Ahh, Marshall McLuhan! The magic of all those ‘M’s! If only McLuhan were here to observe these fashionably-left CNN lieutenants — what would he would he say?

CNN’s coverage of the Democratic Party Leadership race has shown total ignorance of McLuhan’s most famous dictum “the medium is the message”.

McLuhan used to love saying “the effects come before the causes.” He meant this in terms of the media investigator role that he saw himself in.

He meant that the effects of media are the clues as to what’s going on behind the scenes. Follow the media clues and you can find the true power of media.

The big clue towards a powerful hypothesis came in the form of a peculiarity I had noticed among the group of media pundits around Don Lemon, including Lemon himself:

The group seemed unanimous in its agreement that Bernie Sanders did not have the power to defeat Donald Trump in a Presidential Election. The group even had a hard time declaring Bernie the frontrunner, though eventually they all did.

To me, this seemed a sign that these elite pundits of a once powerful media form were still oblivious of McLuhan’s eternally relevant dictum: The Medium is the Message.

Whoever controls the most powerful medium of media, will control the country. The big television networks, the newspapers and magazines, the radio programs, the Democratic Party all failed to recognize this in 2016, when the media pundits declared that Trump didn’t stand a chance of beating Hillary.

The Medium is the message. Even back then the most powerful media was social media as delivered thru smartphones and computers, but mainly smartphones, into the lives and brains of we villagers inside The Global Village.

Not understanding that cost Hillary everything in 2016. The fact that the pundits didn’t suspect it showed then how little understood “the medium is the message”. If you want to control the media you have to control it at its most powerful point: social, digital, quick.

Bernie has this licked. Bernie is the only Democrat candidate, by a landslide, who is equipped to take on Trump on the most important battle-field of all. This is soooo important that it’s almost the only important thing.

The clues I saw suggested possibly not one of the CNN Panelists on the Don Lemon show last night, including Don Lemon, understands the essentiality of understanding “The Medium is the Message”.

I noticed this. They are mentioning Bloomberg a lot. All the networks are. They are mentioning him as a serious candidate at a time when he does not mean to be. Does this suggest Moneybags Mike, the man spending all his money on TV, might be buying his way into the race?

I noticed this. The majority of ads on CNN were coming from Big Pharma big Pharma hates Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders hates big Pharma. (Let’s hope that Bernie doesn’t have to go on too much medication during his first four years as president!).

In other words, Don Lemon’s salary is being paid by Big Pharma – Chris Cuomo, Jake Tapper, all the rest of them, too.

I don’t know if the panelists are getting paid or not or are just selected for their views, but the fact that Bernie (and kind of Pete Buttigieg) and his Socialist, er, Social Media Army have won the first two primaries and CNN can’t even acknowledge Bernie’s might.

A little test:

1. track down any negative comment you read about Bernie on social media.

2. Read the comment thread.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any other Democratic Party candidate.

You will almost certainly find that when Bernie is slandered a whole army of Bernie defenders emerge. These are some of the same 1.3 million people who have donated and average of $18.50 to support Bernie’s presidential bid. If 1.3 million people have donated MONEY to Bernie, can you imagine how many people like him and support him who did not donate?

The power Bernie Sanders has over “the medium” is astronomical. If a media pundit cannot see or cannot agree that this is the most important ingredient in any presidential race, then they cannot be considered a pundit. A pundit implies at least a basic knowledge in a field.

Is Bloomberg and Big Pharma financing this myopia, or is it truly just ignorance?

I do this on a regular basis and

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